Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Happy Birthday Public Lending Right

"25 years of the Public Lending Right Commission
– for all of us: authors and readers

Why, I remember when the PLR was just a little kid -- now look at it.

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Crockett said...

Congrats on your anniversary. Great to see performance art, such as poetry readings, being made available to the public. As more people are tuned to their digital devices, a little flesh and blood interaction would be quite beneficial ;)

When I was in London (UK), on the tube, there was poetry everywhere. When you are crammed like a sardine and funneled underground it was a nice breath of 'fresh air'. I wonder though if there is a way to tune the digital generation more into the classics. Ye olde thoutube maybe?

John said...

Oh well, now you're just making me sentimental.

Poems on the Underground is also 25 years old this year. I remember seeing those posters on the tube in 1987 when I was a student working in London. I believe that is how I discovered Seamus Heaney (who was the first poet featured).

And just this morning, Heaney was shortlisted for the Griffin Poetry Prize.

By the way, I hope you saw the respectful notice of permission at the bottom of each poster.

Sandy Crawley said...

I read a lovely poem on the TTC yesterday. It's contagious!

Crockett said...

Completely off topic but it just had to be said.

The Conservatives do not listen to their constituents, but big business once again.

The conservative platform released today commits to reintroducing Bill C-32, arguing that the bill was a balanced approach to copyright.

Really? Disappointing ...