Thursday, April 14, 2011

the changing book

(North York Central Library)

Because this week has not been crazy-busy enough, I will be on a panel discussion this evening to talk about... what else?... writing, publishing and that whole new media thing you may have heard of.

The Changing Book will be hosted by Toronto Public Library Writer in Residence Elizabeth Ruth and will feature novelist Susan Swan; novelist Sarah Sheard; HarperCollins Canada Representative, Deanna McFadden and little ol' me (novelist, poet, public servant). Should be a good talk.

6:30 to 8:30 at the North York Central Library right there by Mel Lastman Square. Where?


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Sandy Crawley said...

I will be at the theatre but I hope you have a great event this evening. Give my regards to Susan Swann.

Crockett said...

Sure to be an interesting evening. I have heard different claims from industry and authors. On one side I have been told that profit margins on Ebooks are 'paper thin' but also that authors are being paid more for their work than traditional publishing (Which I would support)? That dosen't seem to follow.

I just looked on Amazon at a NY bestseller: Dead or Alive by Tom Clancy. It is listed HC for $15.70 PB for $12.02 & Kindle for $14.99. How in anyones estimation is profit on a digital delivery less than that of HC or PB with a difference in price of less than a dollar?

Something is fishy in Denmark.

Evadne Macedo said...

Hi John:
I enjoyed the panel -- first time I'd heard about apps and enhanced e-books. It was good to meet you. Thanks for the advice,