Saturday, October 20, 2012

writing without a net

Yesterday, I was pleased to present a short talk at Ryerson University in downtown Toronto, as part of a conference called Will Work for Exposure: Cultural Work in Precarious Times. The day featured interesting keynotes from Davenport M.P., Andrew Cash and NYU Professor of Social & Cultural Analysis, Andrew Ross.

Several other Andrews presented during the daylong event, and I was part of a late morning panel entitled Working Without a Safety Net. My fellow panelists were Karl Beveridge from CARFAC and Mary Gellatly from the Workers' Action Centre. Each of us gave a brief presentation, and then the floor was opened for questions.

Above is a slideshare show of my talk, including audio I recorded later. Just click the play button and the slides will advance automatically with the audio (no need to advance them yourself, despite my audio prompting). Feel free to share this presentation widely.

The wood engravings in the presentation are courtesy The Devil's Artisan website, the cover image of Free Culture is courtesy Lawrence Lessig, and the various logos throughout courtesy those fine institutions.

N.B. This was my first attempt at creating a slideshare presentation. I apologize for any audio quirks. I'll get better at it.

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Christine Peets said...

This is an excellent presention and a very good summation of the "copyfight" situation that hurts writers. Well done!

Tracey Arial said...

Hi John
This is a good overall summary of what's been happening in the past several years.