Thursday, June 07, 2012

Book Room #10: David McGimpsey

The Book Room travels to Montreal where we set up camp in a hotel right in the middle of the student riot zone. Poet and professor, David McGimpsey parted the waves of the protest to join us for an hour-long chat about his work, his travels and his love of sports.

It's a spring vacation edition of The Book Room from la belle province de casserole!

McGimpsey's latest book is a collection of sixteen line "chubby" sonnets called L'il Bastard (Coach House Books). He has written six other books, including a critical analysis of baseball in American fiction. He is also a sandwich columnist for enRoute magazine.

Please enjoy David and I talking in a hotel room, on a sultry, pre-riot evening in Montreal.

Ten episodes of The Book Room! This podcast cannot be stopped.

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