Tuesday, April 17, 2012

when free culture loses...

...things turn ugly. This is too important to leave buried at the bottom of my last blog posting.

Having suffered a humiliating public defeat on educational copyright, the crusaders for free culture in Canada are taking aim at writers and publishers.

The most despicable example of this hostility comes from University of Toronto law professor, Ariel Katz, who has characterized Access Copyright as an organized crime syndicate... the mafia.

Access Copyright is the copyright collective for Canada's writers and publishers - a culturally necessary and economically challenged sector. It has bargained in good faith an agreement for the use of works its members have created and own by law. Mr. Katz's own employer, one of the most powerful universities in North America has signed an Access Copyright agreement, recognizing its worth and necessity.

Please spread the word about this offensive attack on Canada's cultural workers.

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