Tuesday, February 22, 2011

fantastic, frozen copyright time out

For those of you who may wonder "how can anyone think or talk about copyright as much as this guy does?" -- I can't, at least not without going a bit crazy. So, what do I do to get away from all the squabbling and name-calling? I walk out into the middle of a frozen lake.


This one reveals my deep-seated geekiness for all things fish-hutty:

And this one could be a visual metaphor for what happens to a country plagued by copyright misinformation... no, wait, forget it. Just breathe. Just breathe in that clean cold air:


Crockett said...

@John "BTW, no comment on my ice-walk? I'm not just a copyright whipping boy, you know. I have other interests."

Sorry John, it was actually good to see there is some non copyright humanity in you somewhere ;-) I once had a fall through the ice and that has cured me from any hopes of taking ice fishing up for a hobby. I just returned from a month long trip to Kenya with a stop over in the UK. Trying to explain what our winters are like to locals is quite a challenge, and the Africans are even harder to convince!

I did enjoy a visit to the Globe theater but alas it was off season, though I did find a monument to the bard in a nearby cathedral where he lived for a number of years. The Tate modern was a bit of a wash for me though, I still find it hard to appreciate a white canvas with a blue line as a masterpiece.

Caligula said...

@degen, the pomp and circumstance with which you argue "your" side of the copyright debate has always been akin to you being able to walk on water...and lo and behold here's the proof you can. Since I'm waxing metaphorically, could that fissure in the ice be the result of Geist parting the waters to lead his people to the promised land? And no, not the land of milk and honey, but a land of balanced copyright!