Tuesday, January 11, 2011

more pencils, more books...

I know y'all think this blog is only about copyright these days, and that's sort of true until Bill C-32 passes (in an amended form).

Just so you don't think I love only copyright (mmmmm, copyright), here's something else I love:

A friend of mine gave me this beautiful package of pencils for my birthday. They are part of the Read & Write Project, conceived by Toronto bookseller and multi-crafter Kalpna Patel (aka Ghostface Knittah).

There are twelve pencils in the package, and each one is inscribed with an original line of text (under 75 characters long). The text was burned into the pencil casing. Here's one pencil's worth from Stouffville, Ontario poet Souvankham Thammavongsa:

"A firefly is a tiny elegant speech in the dark."

As if the pencils themselves are not beautiful enough, they were crafted and sold to raise money for the Sarvajanik Highschool in Navsari, India. Read all about the project at Ghostface Knittah's blog.

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