Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ontario poet a finalist in TVO "lecture-off"

Ontario poet, writer and professor Bruce Meyer has reached the top ten in TV Ontario's fine and entertaining Best Lecturer Competition through the show Big Ideas.

Meyer lectures regularly at Georgian College in Barrie, where he teaches in the Laurentian University at Georgian degree program. A facebook group has been set up to help students and fans of Meyer vote in the contest.

According to Meyer:

"The broadcast of my class, taped on January 26 (an actual, undergraduate class on W.B. Yeats) and the short documentary on me will air on Saturday, March 27 at 5 pm ESDT on TV Ontario. The voting, both on-line and via telephone, will commence at 5:45 pm and will continue for about twenty three hours until 3 pm on Sunday, March 28 at 3 pm. This means there is only a small window of opportunity for you to lend your support. During the voting process, you can vote as often as you wish. Voters are eligible for one entry in the prize package that TV Ontario is giving away of $5,000 worth of digital equipment."

To vote, you can go on-line to the voting site during the voting period and click on the box on the left hand side of the page OR you can vote by calling 1-877-792-8683.

Meyer's short submission lecture for the contest is available online -- in it, he addresses his students on the nature of the human soul, John Lennon, John Milton, philosophy, and how angels copulate.

Having recently spent an entertaining twenty-four hours listening to Dr. Meyer speak on all sorts of fascinating topics, I will be tuning in and voting.

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