Thursday, September 17, 2009


I've noticed a couple of Google Books-related happenings today. The repository for every printed word in the known universe has been busy:

The Espresso instant book making machine now seems to have an exclusive right to print the public domain works in Google's collection. Quillblog points to the LA Times story by saying Espresso has landed a lucrative contract, yet there are no details about just how lucrative this thing will be, and for whom, in the story. All we know is that a public domain Shakespeare play might run you about $8 US.

It's a brave new world.

And in what is surely an unrelated story, Google and the American writer organizations at the centre of the Google Books settlement are back in court trying to explain their deal to a worried US Department of Justice. Once they do, perhaps the DoJ will produce an instructional video -- You and the Goog.

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