Thursday, June 25, 2009

Premier's choice

Jointly administered by the Ontario Ministry of Culture and the Ontario Arts Council, the Premier's Awards for Excellence in the Arts were handed out Tuesday evening at midtown Toronto's Wychwood Barns arts and culture centre.

Filmmaker Ron Mann won in the individual category and Toronto Artscape won as Arts Organization. Coincidentally, serendipitously, the wonderful Wychwood Barns recovery project, in which decrepit, decommissioned TTC streetcar repair barns were transformed into parkland and a series of arts offices, performance spaces, studios and live-work units (as well as a green barn dedicated to year-round urban farming) is a Toronto Artscape success story.

You'll find more details on the awards in the Ministry's official press release.

And you will find details on all the finalists for these awards here.

Here's a photo of an individual finalist, Ontario lit's own A.F. Moritz (winner of this year's Griffin Prize for Poetry) receiving his finalist certificate from Minister of Culture Aileen Carroll.

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