Wednesday, May 14, 2008

sex and the forty-something

My latest Books column for THIS Magazine is now up on the web. In it, I examine youthful attitudes to sex through the lens of an excellent Canadian small press novel, Be Good, by Stacey May Fowles. See the full article at this link. And here's a sample:

To fortysomething eyes, Be Good is a postsexual- revolution folly, full of characters living a freedom won by their predecessors, yet not quite knowing how best to take advantage of it. Kids these days: they can sleep with whomever they choose, relatively guilt-free, yet still they trap themselves in cycles of denial and restraint.


And speaking of Canadian small press novels... if you want one for free, why not try mine? You can download a full PDF version of The Uninvited Guest (including the controversial cover image) free of charge at the posting above.


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