Tuesday, April 01, 2008


Next week marks the launch of Stunt, the first novel by Toronto playwright, poet and advice-lady Claudia Dey. My free copy of the book has strangely not yet arrived in the mail, so I can't pass judgement on what will surely be some crazy-ass fantastic writing.

For a tiny preview, check out this short interview with Claudia Dey at Toronto's formidable online literary magazine, The Danforth Review. Here's an excerpt from the interview:

"If the city of Toronto was a brain, the island would be its wildest thought. I lived on Toronto Island for various periods throughout the writing of the book. I found the island culture to be its own peculiar, dream-like construction. We do not wake up in the city to a horse or a parade of children on stilts walking by. I needed a setting that was fit for daring (and some apocalyptic underwater sex.)"

And since it's public knowledge that I have spent some time on Toronto Island with Claudia Dey, let me get right out in front of the tabloid rumours and say the only thing in that quote I remember about our time together was the horse.

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