Tuesday, April 08, 2008


With this, my 100th posting to johndegen.com, I want to say thank you to the Canada Council for the Arts, which has granted me financial support in order to complete my next novel, tentatively titled Weehawken. Last year, the Canada Council invested $20.1 million in writing and publishing throughout Canada.

Canada Council

Weehawken will be the story of several unmoored characters living beside the Hudson River, in New Jersey. A disillusioned expatriate Canadian, Douglas McCallum retreats across the river from Manhattan's relentless grasping and disappointments, and sinks deep into the resentments of a second-class community riven by shifting economics. Confronted by his own ignorance, McCallum witnesses fabulous treachery and great violence, and is brought to a much-needed sobriety by the appearance of a legendary animal.


peter darbyshire said...

Gratz on the grant. Sounds like an interesting book.

Peter Darbyshire

Anonymous said...

most excellent congratulations on your grant. Have a martini to celebrate, or maybe two.

Infringer said...

Yes, congrates John. I like that our Government supports Canadian cultural expression. Including your. ;-)

Have you considered releasing it under a CC-NC licence?