Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Richer and poorer

My latest books column with THIS Magazine is online today (and also in one of those old-fashioned paper copies of the magazine found at your local, excellent magazine newsstand). You might want to read it, so I provide you here with a link to go and do that. Free, absolutely free -- no digital locks involved. Have fun -- and of course I trust you to respect the copyright. I know you will because you're good people.

It's sadly ironic, of course, that just as I get around to arguing Canada's publishing industry can make a book with the best of the world, Raincoast Books -- surely one of the more cash-rich book producers in Canada, thanks to a bespectacled boy wizard -- has decided to stop making Canadian books. This has made many folks upset, including the good people of The Writers Union of Canada and that fearsome ninja, George Murray.

I'm attempting to channel my disturbance over this Raincoast development into a more positive thought -- who needs them? There are many brave and dedicated publishers of Canadian books in our industry who have not had an international smash hit fluffing their pillows for a decade or so. They continue and, despite a strong Canadian dollar playing havoc with their already miniscule margins, the quality of their production just gets better and better. Bravo to you all.

Bye, bye Raincoast. I will miss your brilliant Jonathan Bennett, and know he will land somewhere better soon.

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