Wednesday, October 17, 2012

voyaging north

I have been in Thunder Bay, Ontario for the last few days, presenting grant information to local writers, recording a Book Room podcast episode, meeting with publishers and chatting with the delightful Cathy Alex, host of Voyage North, the CBC Radio drive time show here at the top of Lake Superior.

If you live in northern Ontario, or know someone who does, have a listen to my interview with Cathy Alex. It's a quick summary of the detailed talks I've been having here in TB.

And, for my publisher friends... you know what I meant when I said becoming a publisher is sooo easy these days. I meant it's sooo easy if you're brilliant and great-looking and a fine humanitarian. Otherwise, it's still really difficult. You are geniuses.

Other things I saw in Thunder Bay:

The memorial statue for Terry Fox, which I visited for my son who is doing a project on him. That's Terry above, with Thunder Bay's famous Sleeping Giant peninsula in the background.

I had to discourage several deer from leaping in front of my rental car.

And, I had a bit of a stand off with the biggest crow (raven?) I've ever seen, who would not budge from a skunk carcass in the middle of the road. You know, when something is eating skunk parts in front of you, it's best to treat the situation with some delicacy.

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