Friday, August 03, 2012

bright lights, early morning

This morning, I was up at 5 a.m., transporting children across town at 6, searching for a television studio at around 7, having make-up applied at 7:30, chatting about the effect of e-book self-publishing on traditional writing and publishing at 7:40, back with the kids by 8, on the subway at 8:30 and at my desk at 8:50. How television people do this kind of thing every day is one of life's mysteries.

What I learned:

All the folks at Global TV's The Morning Show, both on camera and off, are unbelievably professional and unbelievably nice. The hosts knew what they were talking about, and they asked me questions out of genuine interest (not from cue cards). They are also all much better looking than I am, but that was a reality I learned to deal with a long time ago. My overriding concern during the interview was hiding the red wine stain on my lucky pink shirt - a stain I collected at this year's Griffin Poetry Prize dinner, when Ottawa poet rob mclennan sloshed (yes, I believe that's the correct verb) into me at the bar.

Mission accomplished. Thanks to The Morning Show for keeping TV book chat alive.

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