Friday, July 27, 2012

Book Room #12: Conan Tobias

Conan Tobias, editor, fact-checker, publisher, mastermind behind the great en dash/em dash controversy, joins me in the Book Room to talk about all things literary. Conan is the Managing Editor of Canadian Business magazine, and the sole proprietor, publisher and editor of Taddle Creek, a general interest literary magazine in Toronto that has spawned the careers of untold numbers of still youngish writers, poets, essayists, illustrators and photographers.

Conan was mentioned in the very first episode of this podcast - perhaps not in the most complimentary way - and he requested an opportunity to sit in the Book Room himself and respond to what he considered spurious allegations about his editing practices. This interview was also requested by at least two regular listeners of the podcast, so how could I avoid it? I couldn't. Here it is.

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Full disclosure moment: Taddle Creek magazine is funded with a modest grant in the Grants to Periodicals program through the Literature Office at the Ontario Arts Council. As Literature Officer for the OAC, I administer that and other granting programs for Ontario's publishers and writers. Grants are adjudicated by peer assessment panels and juries, and strict conflict of interest policies and procedures are in place to maintain fair assessment. I do not in any way influence assessment.

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