Thursday, May 17, 2012

book room #8: farzana doctor

Toronto novelist, Farzana Doctor was my guest a couple of weeks ago in the Book Room.

Ms. Doctor has just returned from an extensive international tour of the northeastern United States and Ontario, promoting her second novel, Six Metres of Pavement, from Toronto's Dundurn Press. We talk about that novel, the life of a writer, book promotion, and the acoustics of the spectacular St. Anne's Anglican Church on Gladstone Avenue in Toronto.

My deepest appreciation to Dan Norman, Director of Music at St. Anne's Church for permission to record a bit of choir practice, to the choir members themselves who are always in excellent voice, and to Gary van der Meer, Priest in Charge.

Thanks for hanging in with the Book Room. I've had to pull back from the weekly schedule, as that was just crazy what with a full-time job, a couple of kids and a couple of books in progress. But I am loving doing the interviews and the reading, and I will keep loading them as I get them done.

This past week, I had a great interview with poet and novelist Jonathan Bennett, which I will load as soon as I finish the editing. As well, I'm off to Montreal for the holiday weekend, where I will be interviewing poet David McGimpsey and anyone else I happen across on the sun-drenched streets of the old town.

You can also find the Book Room on Facebook, if that's how you roll, and you can subscribe to it on iTunes. Enjoy it, and share it. Thanks.

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