Tuesday, March 13, 2012

end of an era... beginning of a new one

I've been blogging from the perspective of a professional writer in Canada for approaching a decade now. Much of that time I've been a bit preoccupied with the struggle for copyright reform to help Canadian artists build creative and business opportunities for themselves online.

Today, Bill C-11 (Canada's Copyright Modernization Act) passed the committee stage and has gone on to 3rd reading in Parliament. It is expected to pass easily and then find quick approval in the Senate. After many, many years of discussion and arguing, commenting on bills, pushing for legislative change and watching with disappointment as new laws die on the order paper, it looks like Canada will finally, very soon, have a new copyright playing field with fairly clear rules.

I'm certainly not thrilled with everything in the new law, but I am bloody-well relieved to be through this process. I've lost a lot of creative thinking time, a lot of hair pigment, and a lot of my faith in certain folk who campaigned against artists' rights during this process. I want to do a whole lot less thinking about this stuff in the coming years than I've done lately, that's for damn sure.

Let me illustrate this delightful turning point with a couple of lovely word clouds from the good folks at Wordle. Here's a cloud based on my recent copyright concerns (click on it to enlarge):


And then, here is one based on my recently launched Book Room podcast:
Ahhh, much better.
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