Wednesday, February 29, 2012

the end of two free culture myths

Free Culture Myth #1 - Only old, incumbent players advocate for strong copyright protection. The new generation doesn't bother with copyright.

Free Culture Myth #2 - Those advocating strong copyright protection just don't understand new technology.

Meet James Gannon, IP lawyer at the firm McCarthy T├ętrault. He also has a degree in Systems Design Engineering from the University of Waterloo.

Gannon appeared before the Bill C-11 Committee of Parliament on Monday, February 27th, explaining how technological protection measures and strong copyright protection are enablers of a vibrant cultural economy for Canada.

Anyone made nervous or confused by the rampant free culture misinformation campaign against copyright protection in the cultural marketplace should visit the young, decidedly new-gen, tech-savvy Mr. Gannon's site and read his remarks before the committee.

Boom. That just happened.

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James Gannon said...

Thanks for the post and for the screen grab, John! Any chance you will be appearing yourself on behalf of one of the writer organizations?

John said...

Mr. Gannon,

If I were to appear at all, it would be as an individual, as you did. I don't have an official capacity with writer groups... though they do seem to like what I write about copyright. I have not been asked to appear, and that's just as well, since most on the committee are well aware of my opinions already.

Nice job in front of the committee.