Monday, February 28, 2011

good things grow

If the Oscar hosting didn't put you into a premature slumber last night, you may have noticed the commercial spot above flashing past a couple of times.

Congrats to the OAC's sibling agency, the Ontario Media Development Corporation, for showcasing the very successful business of Ontario art during one of the biggest shows of the television year.

Naturally, my favorite parts are the book and magazine covers flying out of the frame, most of which have benefited from strategic and focused funding from both the OMDC and my office at the OAC.

And the return on that investment is immense. As the OMDC notes on the book publishing page, the Ontario book publishing industry alone generates over $1 billion annually, while the magazine industry accounts for 9,000 jobs in the province and $388 million annually in salaries and benefits.

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Sandy Crawley said...


Does that $388 Million for magazines include compensation for freelancers?

John said...


I'm going with the OMDC's heading of salaries and benefits, which suggests to me that freelance and contract work is not captured in that number. So, yeah, you'd have to ad some more millions onto it, since freelance work is the backbone of culture.