Monday, November 01, 2010

I guess I better write something this week...

It appears my little blog has been selected as IP Osgoode's Pick of the Week (maybe it was last week? -- I'm just noticing it now).

IP Osgoode is a relatively new research group dedicated to IP law at Osgoode Hall Law School (York University) in Toronto - Canada's internationally recognized leader in legal education. Here's how the IP Osgoode group describe themselves:

We aim to provide balanced and objective research, offer new and unexplored viewpoints to public policy discussions which are inclusive of the opinions and interests of a broad range of IP stakeholders (including governments, nongovernmental organizations, the legal community, businesses and the general public) and ultimately, act as a facilitator for the flourishment of a knowledge-based society in Canada.

And here's how they describe this site:

John Degen, poet, novelist, and Literature Officer for the Ontario Arts Council, has a fascinating and eclectic personal blog that revolves around artistic creation.

I have to say, it's refreshing to see a professional, inclusive, balanced site presenting the entire Internet and Intellectual Property law picture. Thanks for picking my blog. That explains the spike in readership.


Anonymous said...

A shill amongst shills...comforting. Congrats John you've made it!

Sandy Crawley said...

You deserve this accolade John, don't doubt it. Not sure what the ever-courageous Anonymous is referring too but...then really, who cares?

Anonymous said...

@sandy_crawley if you didn't care then why take the time to comment? Obviously the shills care ;)