Friday, July 16, 2010

numbers coming in on digital magazines... though one important number missing (the money)

Thanks to D.B. Scott over at the Canadian Magazines blog for digging up some industry figures on magazine digital editions. I attended last months MagNet conference in Toronto, and was amazed at the number of iPads I saw casually slung in bags and on laps during the PD sessions.

A survey of digital device and media users shows some promising uptake for magazine content packaged into digital editions.

According to the (audited) survey, 22% of iPad owners already read magazines on the device and 68% plan to (presumably when their favorites go iPad-friendly digital). I concentrate on the iPad numbers because the use of apps to deliver magazine content is a promising closed system that approximates the traditional magazine experience without compromising on digital's flexibility.

Advertisers will be pleased to note that digital magazine readers respond well to ads, and 60% of them have clicked through for more information at least once.

One thing I don't see in the reported results (and am very interested in knowing) is how much of this survey represents paid digital content. Subscribers and subscription renewals are a crucial part of the revenue mix for most consumer magazines. I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one wondering if digital will provide the same revenues.

BTW, for a good look at one possible digital future for Canadian magazines, have a look at Magazines Canada's Digital Newsstand. I have taken the liberty of filtering the newsstand to the literary category for you, since I know that's what you'll want to see.

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