Thursday, June 11, 2009

could the Google settlement get any more complicated?


U.S. Presses Antitrust Inquiry Into Google Book Settlement

Highlights from the New York Times:

The complex settlement agreement, which is subject to review by a federal court, was aimed at resolving a class action filed in 2005 by the Authors Guild and the Association of American Publishers against Google. The suit claimed that Google’s practice of scanning copyrighted books from major academic and research libraries for use in its Book Search service violated copyrights.

Under the settlement, announced in October, Google would have the right to display the books online and to profit from them by selling access to individual titles and by selling subscriptions to its entire collection to libraries and other institutions. Revenue would be shared among Google, authors and publishers.

Critics said that the settlement would unfairly grant Google a monopoly over the commercialization of millions of books.

The Times goes on to explain that this is an investigation and not necessarily a halting of the settlement.

Remember when the Internet was going to make everything simpler and faster? When was that?

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