Monday, March 02, 2009

giving up the pretence

I found lots of time for reading this weekend, which is increasingly rare in my life -- strange how taking on a job all about reading and writing can put those very acts tantalizingly out of reach.

James Adams completed his three-part series in the Globe on Saturday, with this very timely bit about electronic rights. Seems something called the Internet is having some sort of effect on writing and publishing. A very worthy read.

But enough of worthiness -- bring me more stories like this one about a Nova Scotia book club growing so large that it was running out of space to hold meetings. The solution -- they opened their own bar.

Of course, there are other ways to fill a large room with chairs and get people to talk about books, but why pretend? A bar it is.

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1 comment:

Pearl said...

gosh, talk about snowballing. half the people in town joining a book club? clearly I'm in the wrong province.