Monday, July 14, 2008

why I fear Ondaatje

My latest Books column for THIS Magazine is up on their website (as well as in the beautiful print magazine on newsstands across Canada). In it, I discuss Michael Ondaatje's fetish for pain and suffering. Read it at the link below (or I'll send Mike for a visit):

Kill Your Babies Beautifully

(image courtesy THIS Magazine)


John McFetridge said...

The best literary reference I've come across to, "the conversation with Mom about dead people," is in David Carkeet's, "The Greatest Slump of All Time," about a dysfuntional baseball team (he doesn't say which one, but they play in the NL east) that wins the more depressed the players get - all the way to the World Series.

And we all fear Ondaatje.

John said...

Hey, how come no pesky contrarians ever comment on my literary postings?

Is it possible they are not in the least bit interested in the lives and/or work of professional artists?