Friday, April 11, 2008

IV ce soir

(image by Steve Venright courtesy

Tonight at Toronto's IV Lounge reading series:

Stan Dragland (The Drowned Lands, novel)
Heather Wood (Barbies, Breasts & Bathing suits, fiction)
Jaclyn Piudik (The Tao of Loathliness, poems)

Your host for the evening, as usual, is the charming Alex Boyd, writer-guy.

I will be shuffling on over to the Lounge to hear Mr. Dragland, for sure, as I missed his book launch earlier this month. Also this evening, Taddle Creek magazine is doing a series of poetry recordings at the Lounge for some mysterious, as yet unannounced release. My buddy Chris Chambers -- gaze into his sultry eyes here -- will be recording one of his new pieces, and I have been asked to step in for an AWOL poet and record a piece not of my making. Fun.


Evie Christie said...

Thanks, John Degen
(For reading my poem)

John said...


It was my pleasure. A well-structured poem, and it echoed nicely with Patrick Rawley's

I was a bit worried about it the first time I read it through. I have a reputation for stodginess and uncool, and your poem was a threat to that public persona I've worked so hard on. But I practiced diligently, and I think it went well. The audience seemed to like it a lot.

Evie Christie said...


I had no idea you were trying to be so uncool! You do have kind of an un-stodgy book cover for An Uninvited Guest... I heard you were great and that it went swimmingly. Maybe you can stand in for me more often?