Thursday, March 06, 2008

the smartening of Potter

Maclean's columnist and counterculture doubter, Andrew Potter and I have mildly disagreed on copyright in the past. We have ferociously disagreed on other things, such as whether the Leafs or Habs are better at hockey (clearly, Leafs, despite all evidence).

I note with some small joy, Potter's opinions on copyright as recently expressed in Maclean's. No doubt he'll still call me a dolt, but I like that (from him):

The profound influence of the counterculture on cyberculture is not remotely controversial. Scratch a file-sharing activist and, more often than not, you’ll find someone who deep down just doesn’t like the idea of paying for music.

But that is a bit of a cheap shot. After all, nobody likes paying for music, any more than they like paying for food or drink or shelter or anything else.

Full column here.

Thanks Andrew. Your wisdom on counterculture is surpassed only by your ignorance of our national game.

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