Monday, January 21, 2008

one (large) group of professional artists positions itself

To see the full CCC statement, please follow this link.


January 21, 2008

TORONTO: Canadian artists have released their platform on copyright reform in anticipation of the Canadian government’s expected new copyright legislation. You will find it attached.

The result of months of research and study, the Creators’ Copyright Coalition position paper outlines the reforms that creator groups would ideally like to see in Canadian law.

Members of the CCC believe that the making of art and contemporary Canadian culture is a vital part of life, and an essential ingredient of the information economy. If the new copyright reforms enhance and protect the rights of creators, then they will encourage art, contribute to our culture and enrich the lives of all Canadians.

“Without protection for performers and creators, we risk more than harming our international reputation, we risk damaging our industry at large. It’s in the public interest that artists and their work be protected so they can earn a living wage and contribute to our culture and economy,” said Stephen Waddell, ACTRA National Executive Director.

John Degen, novelist and Executive Director of the Professional Writers Association of Canada: “I believe Canada can have a strong copyright law protecting the work and careers of all professional creators, while fairly and reasonably addressing the concerns of both corporations and consumers. The CCC statement is meant as a step in that direction.”

Stan Meissner, songwriter, past president of the Songwriters Association of Canada: “While the digital age has offered music creators wonderful opportunities, it is clear that the rampant unpaid online consumption of music and other content has had a devastating effect. We need up-to-date copyright legislation that will protect the value of our rights, ensuring us a future where creators will be compensated for the use and enjoyment of our work.”

Bill Freeman, the chair of the CCC, said: “Creators have been waiting far too long for copyright reform. It is time to protect the rights of all authors and performers in the Internet age.”

The Creators Copyright Coalition (CCC) is an alliance of 16 professional associations of individual creators and performers and copyright collective societies active in the theatre, the visual arts, the applied arts, literature, music, recording and audiovisual (radio, television, film and commercials). Together these 16 associations and collectives represent more than 100,000 creators (authors and performers) who are copyright owners.


Anonymous said...

So John, would it be reasonable to assume by your being quoted that you support the position outlined in this position paper ?

John said...

Chris -- here's what I wrote to Russell on that subject:

That [the CCC position paper] is where "my side" will begin if we ever get to Ottawa. You begin over on "your side" and my strong faith is that given the honestness and good intentions of both (or however many), we will meet somewhere in the middle.

Notice how I don't refer to the CCC position as The Great and Holy Position, The One True Position, or any other such grand description.

Now, really, honestly, I'm leaving this blog to go and try to make some money from my copyright protected work. I'll be reading from my novel at a (free) public reading in Barrie, Ontario. Hopefully, after hearing my work, some people will take a (free) look at it online, and then purchase it either online or from a physical, bricks and mortar bookstore. One day, perhaps, they can purchase a digital file of it, or access the file (free) through some complicated yet fair licensing arrangement.

Perhaps that is what Michael Geist is referring to when he writes:

"the CCC's position paper seems to focus primarily on non-digital issues."

John out (for a while).