Tuesday, February 13, 2007

bye bye TORO

(image courtesy of TORO)

I hardly knew ye.

As you may have heard, TORO magazine announced it is ceasing publication. Ad sales were, apparently, not quite equaling costs, and with free distribution, TORO could count on neither a large subscriber base nor government funding for support.

So, my wine column with TORO will never see the light of day. How sad.

On the other hand, I have a PDF of my first column and will load it here on February 20th, the day it was slated to be distributed. I have to say, it looks beautiful. TORO sure knew how to put a magazine page together. I will also load the text of my second column. And I will continue writing about the fascinating world of wine on this blog, while shopping the column to other publications.

Have a drink for TORO. Until yesterday, every interaction I had with this magazine was very positive and incredibly professional. The editorial staff was top-notch. Canada needs more great magazines, not fewer.

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