Wednesday, January 17, 2007

global wine -- two portraits

One: War with France!

There are reports today that the European Union, acting on a complaint from France, is launching a challenge against the Canadian wine industry claiming it receives an unfair tax advantage in its own country. Check the story in today's Toronto Star.

Apparently, angry Canadian winemakers are talking boycott against European wines. Will consumers respond? Of course, if every Canadian consumer who is about to buy a bottle of European wine (I bought two just yesterday) were to choose a Canadian bottle instead, the Canadian industry wouldn't really need a tax incentive would it?

Two: A Grand Experiment

The Niagara/Burgundy co-operative venture Le Clos Jordanne will soon be releasing their 2004 Pinot Noirs to the general consumer. I will be tasting these wines this week, and writing about them. Tony Aspler has given them all nothing less than four and a half stars (out of five). Grand, old world Burgundies produced in Niagara and true to their locale.

Isn't it better when we all just get along?

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